Una Oxygenating Treatment – 12 Vials

Rolland Oxygenating Treatment is specific cosmetic treatment against all forms of hair loss, improve tissues oxygenation, extend the hair growth phase, stimulates the peripheral microcirculation, nourishes the hair bulb.

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Una Oxygenating Treatment – Hair Health & Restoration

Rolland Oxygenating Treatment is a complete and innovative treatment to enhance hair growth. By using it, the hair scalp gets oxygen and the hair grows faster. Una Oxygenating Treatment Uae

By being absorbed into the skin, it accelerates the blood flow to the roots of the hair and all the blocked areas in the skin due to which the blood was not reaching the roots of the hair are opened and the blood flow reaches.

What is The Side Effects Of Una Oxygenating Treatment?

Because it is a modern treatment, no dangerous or harmful ingredients are used in it. So it has no side effect. You can use it one day at a time and get the best results immediately.

Benefits Of Una Oxygenating Treatment:

  • Makes hair strong
  • Grows new hair
  • Increases blood flow to hair roots
  • Opens all the root canals in the skin
  • Provides oxygen to the skin

Una Oxygenating Treatment Uae

Specification: Una Oxygenating Treatment – 12 Vials


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Una Oxygenating Treatment – 12 Vials
Una Oxygenating Treatment – 12 Vials

AED 250.00

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