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Yonggang Power Capsule UAE

men herbal capsule available now spacial price 100 % herbal products delay sex timing and enjoy life

Yonggang are purely natural male intended for use by men to enhance their S performances and improve their overall wellbeing. Yonggang claims to be among the top male product. It is intended for producing hard-rock sexual arousals and firm erections for improved confidence when it comes to bed matters. Plus it enhances kidney functions, boosts stamina and refuels the lost desire for Action.

Boosts S stamina and erect

Gives fast and long lasting erections

Faster recovery period

Triggers more powerful and multiple ejaculations

Improves vitality and intimacy

Reduces symptoms associated with depression and anxiety

Improves desire

Makes you last longer in bed

Improves your energy levels

Yong gang Sex stimulant 8 capsules/box ( Chinese/English language)
98% degree of satisfaction! All Chinese herb!
Bigger, Rock-Hard Erections Sex Stimulant Medicine Yong Gang Sex Medicine

Yong gang benefits:
Increases stamina and erection firmness
Improves vitality & intimacy
Alleviates depression
Regains lost desire
Long lasting efficacy
Restores energy
YongGang Ingredients:
each teplmedium 20%,
schisandra fruit15%,
morinda officinalis20%,
porla 10%,
Chinese yam 15%,
ginseng 5%,
wolfberry fruit 5%,
polygonatum sibiricum 10%

Specifications: 750mg x 2tablets x 4boards/box

Storage: In cool,dry places ,keep out of reach of children

Suitable for: Fatigable persons

Side -effect: No reported evident side effect with sex power tablet
Do not take more than one (1) capsule every 24 hours.

Yonggang Power Capsule UAE

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  1. Kamran

    Very good product for timing and erection , i am using since 3 days i like it

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