Vimax Delay Cream

  • Boost the performance of intercourse
  • Timing of sex will give 30 minutes or more timing
  • It will give the penis a hard erection
  • Eliminate sex performance anxiety
  • Enable you to give your partner the pleasure of sex


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Vimax Delay Cream- Sex Timing Cream

Vimax is a well-known Canadian company whose every product is successful and well-known for its performance. After much research and public review and request. They found out that there are many men who suffer from male impotence as well as other diseases. Like those with high blood pressure and they cannot take male impotence pills because these pills have the property of making blood flow in the body very fast. Vimax Sex Delay Cream In Uae

And some people avoid any unnecessary medications anyway. So keeping these things in mind, Vimax Company started experimenting in the laboratory and created the formula of Vimax Delay Cream. It effectively and immediately improves penile strength and sex timing by instantly eliminating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Vimax delay cream is for external use and is applied all over the skin of the penis. Further

Advantage & Side Effects Of Vimax Delay Cream:

Advantage: Vimax delay cream powerful herbal formula instantly absorbs into the skin of the penis and heats the veins of the penis by strengthening all the functions of the penis. And provides firmness and health to the penis. Accelerates the blood flow in the arteries and all tissues of the penis and opens all the closed chambers which are blocked due to any reason and hardens the penis.

Along with this vimax delay cream increases the sex timing surprisingly. By using it, you can enjoy intercourse and at the same time become able to sexually satisfy your partner.

Side Effects: As Vimax Company is a herbal company, they do not use any kind of chemicals in all their products. Vimax delay cream is a formula of proper amount of precious herbs with no side effects. You can also use it on a daily basis.

Best Method To Use Vimax Delay Cream:

Vimax Delay Cream is very easy to use. Whenever you plan to have sex, put a small amount of cream on your finger and massage the entire penis except the cap of the penis well and gently for 2 minutes. And increase the pleasure of your intercourse. Vimax Sex Delay Cream In Uae

Specification: Vimax Delay Cream




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Vimax Delay Cream

AED 200.00

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