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The best offer ever for VIGRX DELAY SPRAY™, 1.7 fl oz  in dubai, U.A.E and GCC, for limited time, Penile sensitivity and premature ejaculation are common issues, and many guys generally tend to ejaculate a lot earlier than they’d like.


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VIGRX DELAY SPRAY UAE Penile sensitivity and premature ejaculation are common issues, and many guys generally tend to ejaculate a lot earlier than they’d like. For a lot of men, reaching an orgasm in just one or two minutes is the norm, no matter how hard they try to hold back.

Unfortunately for these guys, studies show that in an ideal world women would prefer intercourse to last up to 20 minutes. This would be long enough for most of them to climax at least once, and maybe even more.

It’s highly doubtful that would happen if you ejaculated in less than two minutes.

So how can you reach that level of control in the bedroom and rock your partner’s world? One product called VigRX Delay Spray claims it can help get you there – and get her off in the process.

What is VigRX Delay Spray?

As the name implies, VigRX Delay Spray (VigRXDelaySpray.com) is a companion product from the makers of VigRX Plus. It uses a mild anesthetic to desensitize the nerves in the penis. Basically, you spray it on your penis and rub it in, allowing it to absorb into the penile tissue.

Within minutes, you’ll be able to unleash your inner porn star, going for far longer than you could have otherwise. Welcome to the stud life.


The primary active ingredient contained in VigRX Delay Spray is a mild anesthetic calledbenzocaine. Benzocaine inhibits voltage-dependant sodium channels (VDSCs) on nerve membranes within penile tissue, which stops the propagation of action potential. In plain English, it tells the nerves in your penis to relax.

Lidocaine is another numbing agent that’s commonly used in many delay creams and gels, but tends to be stronger than benzocaine, and can often lead to excessive numbing in some men. Since benzocaine tends to be much gentler than lidocaine, it’s better at achieving the right balance between desensitization and sensitivity.

The spray is also manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility in the United States, so if nothing else you at least know you’re getting a product made with strict health and safety regulations in place.

How to Use

Using this product couldn’t be simpler.  Just apply one to three sprays on your penis, then wait 10 minutes and let it absorb in. Keep in mind that it’s dose-dependent, so you’ll probably need to experiment a little in order to achieve the optimum dose for you.

The effects can vary from one guy to the next, but they typically last between 20 to 30 minutes. With experience using it over time, it could help you last much longer than even that.

Can you use it with other male enhancement products? Absolutely – in fact, a lot of guys are doing that. VigRX Delay Spray already helps you last longer. Now imagine what happens when you combine that with an enhancer like VigRX Plus and a volume increaser like Semenax.

You get pleasure and an orgasm that may set off the Richter Scale. VIGRX DELAY SPRAY UAE

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