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Benefits of Tanduk Rusa Capsule include:
1. Add strength and endurance to male sex more powerful and 10 x fold.
2. Prevents premature ejaculation.
3. Treat impotence.
4. Blood circulation throughout the body, after using this herb the body will feel better.
5. Increase and increase the endurance and erectile strength of the penis to be 10x more powerful (15 – 40 minutes).


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Tanduk Rusa Capsules In UAE


Compared to women, it turns out male stamina is more prone to age. The proof, many problems occur with age. From the eroded vitality to various health problems that make men sluggish. In addition to healthy living choices, supplementation of the extract “deer antlers” could be the solution. More awareness is needed to maintain male stamina in the quality that is maintained. Moreover, there are several factors that make a man’s life generally more susceptible to diseases that can not directly affect vitality, fitness, and stamina.

Some complaints that are often felt by men are decreased stamina, loss of sexual desire and often experience sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, infertility, and urination disorders. The emergence of these problems certainly interfere with performance and reduce the quality of life of men. For men productive sexual health is vital. Sexual disorders can directly impact the quality of life, self-confidence, and relationships with partners. Need to supply a balanced, healthy diet would be the first choice for getting quality stamina. Carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake are energy sources, while vitamins and minerals act as catalysts needed in the body’s metabolic processes. Vitamins and minerals are essential compounds that the body cannot produce, so they must be supplied from food or supplements. The body will stay healthy if you always get a complete and quality nutritional intake. The problem is that the food we consume has decreased in quality during the storage, preservation, and processing. Poor habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating irregularly, digestive problems, air pollution, stress, and using drugs will damage and reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body, which will adversely affect health. The factors above cause malnutrition and will affect male stamina. For this reason supplementation is needed to help the body stay fit. Currently on the market there are many choices. One of them is special supplementation to maintain male stamina which is made from natural ingredients, “Deer Antler”.

For a long time, deer antler or deer velvet has been used with other herbs such as ginseng as a tonic. In traditional Chinese medicine, “Deer Antler” is used to harmonize the energy of yin and yang. This will balance the hormones needed to increase stamina, vitality, and restore energy lost due to stress and fatigue. Allison David (1999) in his book, Velvet Antler (Nature’s Superior Tonic), points out that in early experiments in rats, deer velvet showed an increase in the hormone testosterone and estrogen which play a major role in male and female sexual function. Emperor’s tonic Another study from Betty Kamen (2003) written in her book, The Remarkable Healing Power Velvet Antler, states that the routine use of deer velvet extract can increase testosterone levels which affects the increase in vitality, stamina, power, libido, erection, and overcome erectile dysfunction. Deer velvet is an adaptogen that tends to improve the condition of the body that is less balanced. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energy or a balanced body condition is the main key to health including sexual health. Deer velvet is also widely known to overcome impotence, especially in China. Dr. Shi Zhi Chou, a specialist in the treatment of male sexual problems from Dalian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, has a list of 300 formulas “the most effective prescription for impotence” (the most effective recipe for treating impotence). Deer velvet is on the list in almost all formulas. In China, the benefits of “deer antler” as a supplement have been known for more than 2,000 years, and are part of Chinese Medical Pharmacopoeia. In fact, in imperial times, deer antlers were called “Emperor Tonics”. (GHS / Lalang Ken Handita)

Tanduk Rusa Capsule for manliness
Tanduk Rusa Herbal strong man
Tanduk Rusa Capsul for erection, 
Tanduk Rusa Herbal for durable man
Tanduk rusa Capsule traditional herbs for man

Tanduk Rusa Capsules In UAE

2. Use of this herbal medicine only takes 1-2 capsules, in 1x 70 hours (1x 3 days).
For the next drink after 3 days, not less than 3 days, better after 7 days, or 1x in 7 days.
4. It is forbidden (not recommended) to consume other drugs, as well as alcohol while drinking this herbal medicine, within 1 x 24 hours

Tanduk Rusa Capsules In UAE

News about the product: For new users. do not be afraid to consume this herbal medicine, because this herbal medicine is safe and does not cause death, if we use according to the rules of use.
because this herbal medicine is very good effect for male stamina in sex, will become a man more powerful, durable, harder penis, a stronger penis, so you become a mighty man, so that the couple will be more satisfied and happy.

Do not be afraid of bad news about this herbal medicine.
Among others :
This is all because of the man’s stamina herbs containing 30% – 70% Sildenafil chemicals. Sildenafil citrate, sold under the name Viagra, Revatio, and various other names, is a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence) and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) developed by pharmaceutical company Pfizer.
Sildenafil (Viagra) has the risk of side effects if taken not according to other delivery regulations:
Headache. Stomach ache until heartburn. A body that feels warm. Nasal congestion. Vision loss. Back pain.
Hearing loss. Indigestion.
When using according to the rules, there is no need to be afraid, because this herbal medicine is safe and does not cause efet is not good.
therefore before using / drinking this herbal medicine must pay attention to the use or use.
2. The user dies after drinking the herbal medicine.
News news died after drinking male stamina herbal medicine, it is often heard by our ears. there is even news in the media of media and television, all of that news is true. But keep in mind, that the real cause is open the herbal medicine, but the main cause is because of the caution (negligence) of the victim / consumer in using the herbal medicine. all of that happened including:
1. If the user of the herbal medicine, is in a state of heart disease.
2. If the user of the herbal medicine, is in a state of consuming other drugs.
3. If the user of the herbal medicine, is in a state of being drunk with alcohol, narcotics, and others.
4. If the user of the herbal medicine, the old age (over 60 years) uses more than 1 capsule.
5. If the user of the herbal medicine. use in large quantities (more than 2 capsules). not according to the rules.
Users do not be afraid, because this male stamaran herbal medicine is safe and harmless, and therefore must pay attention to the rules of use. do not use not in accordance with the rules that have been set

Tanduk Rusa Capsules In UAE


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