Cayenne Women Power


  • Boost blood flow in to vagina
  • Make women’s horney
  • Increasing libido
  • Attract women’s for sex
  • Strengthen the ability of sexual intercourse
  • Stimulate the release of endorphins
  • Reduce stress and anxiety during sexual intercourse

Cayenne Female Sex Drops FDA approved

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Cayenne Drops –  Female Sexual Enhancement Drops

Cayenne female sex drops are used for female sex enhancement. And it also increases sexual desire in females along with increasing sex power. It has the characteristic that it starts showing its effect immediately – use cayenne drops 30 minutes before intercourse. It creates a sensation in the woman’s private parts, which increases the blood flow and makes the woman enjoy sex more and enjoy the orgasm. Cayenne female drops UAE

Benefits Cayenne Female Drops:

Nowadays, many women suffer from various physical and psychological problems due to various reasons. Since she is not able to enjoy intercourse with her partner because she don’t have any sexual feelings. These drops are the only and quick solution for all these problems with no side effects. Just mix a few drops in water and drink it 30 minutes before sex.

It gets absorbed into the blood and accelerates the blood flow in the vagina and increases sexual desires. It also helps to get orgasm and to enjoy sexual life with partner with more pleasure.

How To Use Cayenne Drops?

Add 6 or 8 drops in water or any cold drink 30 minutes before sexual activity and enjoy your precious time with your partner.

CAYENNE female sex drops have any side effects?

It is a natural herbal drops with no side effects. You can incorporate it into your life and use it continuously and enjoy your sex life

Cayenne female drops UAE

Specification: Cayenne Women Power


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Cayenne Women Power

AED 250.00

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